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IMAGE NONE iProTebe.cz
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  • 70.14 MB
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  • 21.01.09 - 14:58
  • 258x
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    This ROM package is not supported by Samsung
    Failure to complete the update process could result to bricking your phone
    Downloading this ROM package from a different site may result in a fake or tampered firmware
    Update at your own risk! I will not be held liable for any damage resulting in the use of this custom-ROM

    Current Version: ech01-b09 with User Customization
    Base ROM Version: DXHK3

    Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 (1)
    Arcsoft Mobile Video Editor
    Dice Simulator (2D6)
    Google Launcher
    Google Maps
    Microsoft Windows Update
    Microsoft Windows Live
    Opera 9.5
    Samsung Task Switcher
    Samsung Today 1 Plugin
    Samsung Touch Player
    Samsung Digital Frame
    Samsung Widgets Plugin
    Solitaire & Bubblebreaker
    TecAce PhotoSlides
    Transcriber Input Method
    Tegic XT9 Samsung Input Method - This covers the Samsung Keyboard, Keypad & Phonepad.
    Certain MP3's, images & themes
    Microsoft .NETCF 2.0 replaced with .NETCF 3.5 (2)

    Microsoft SQLCE 3.0 replaced with SQLCE 3.5 (2)
    The task switcher was replaced with the task manager in the shortcut buttons.
    Altered the Samsung Today 2 plugin and its icons for independent use. It's now possible for this plugin to co-exist with the default Samsung Today 2.

    xxxHOLiC Theme, Windows Media Player xxxHOLiC Skin, Power on/off animation/sound (3)
    Hid Customer Feedback & Error Reporting in the Control Panel

    Update for Windows Mobile for PC (KB949168) integrated
    Sleuth255@xda-developers.com's User Customization included
    Security policy (101a) has been altered to allow for UC to install the other applications. Make sure that the CAB installers in your Storage Card have their read-only attribute removed. To learn more about UC, click here.